Modern Slavery Exploits Vulnerable People

Clear 54 can ensure your business isn’t inadvertently enabling modern slavery, either directly in your business or anywhere in your supply chain. Your reputation is only as strong as your values and the businesses you partner with.

We can help you Identify risks

We deliver Support & Training

We assist with Mitigation & Prevention

It’s time to Get Clear on Section 54

Slavery is not a thing of the past, with the International Labour Organisation estimating that 45-50 million people are trapped and exploited through modern slavery.

To tackle this growing problem the UK Government introduced Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 to encourage businesses to examine how they work with their supply chains.

It is no longer acceptable, either legally or reputationally, to claim that you were unaware of issues of labour exploitation and human trafficking.

The Act reflects the wider international determination on the part of governments to make companies focus on how their suppliers do business rather than simply the bottom line cost.

Any business with an annual turnover in excess of £36M is required under Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 to publish a Modern Slavery Statement.

Don’t have £36M turnover?

If you are an ambitious SME aiming to do business with these larger clients being seen to be playing your part in reducing modern slavery can only be good for your business. Without a Modern Slavery Statement or Prevention Policy and process in place, your business becomes less attractive and too much of a risk for the larger companies to be associated with.

Doing the right thing!

Additionally, from 2023 the value of social clauses in public sector procurement tenders will increase to 20%. Again, being seen to be working to reduce modern slavery will increase the chance of a business scoring well here.

Doing the right thing is good for business.

Why work with Gavin and Clear 54?


Gavin has over 30 years experience in UK law enforcement and retired in the Summer of 2022 after spending his last 6 years as the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Detective or Deputy SIO in numerous Human Trafficking operations and every successful prosecution within Northern Ireland during that time.


Gavin’s primary duties were to work with partners to investigate, detect and enforce relevant legislation to bring offenders to justice.


Gavin has built many national and international partnerships within this arena and had overall responsibility for the Police Service of Northern Ireland Human Trafficking training to front-line uniform response officers, new to role Detectives and Police staff. Gavin was involved in the design, development and delivery of this training programme which has been completed by over 5000 persons.


Gavin has the relevant qualifications of a Senior Investigating Officers( SIO) Course in Modern Slavery:

  • UK College of Policing accredited Modern Slavery / Human Trafficking Course
  • An Garda Siochana Human Trafficking Course
  • Single Competent Authority (SCA) Multi-agency assessment panellist (MAAP)
  • A member of the HM Govt. UK Modern Slavery Training Delivery Group

Our Services

Clear 54 offers the following services so your business can meet all its legislative requirements but also to support you in playing a positive role in preventing the exploitation of vulnerable people through human trafficking and slavery:

Risk Assessment

Reviewing your supply chain transparency should not be seen as a risk but as an opportunity.

Full transparency in your supply chain is vital to ensuring that you are safeguarding your business reputation by safeguarding vulnerable people.

Bringing a professional curiosity to play Clear 54 helps identify risks and allows your business to put in place mitigation measures and preventative strategies.

Modern Slavery Statement / Prevention Policy

Modern slavery prevention presents an opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves from their peers, demonstrate the values their business embodies and mitigate Reputational, Financial, Legal, Operational and Consumer risks.

Publicly declaring that your business is serious about tackling modern slavery is not just the right thing to do it’s good for business.


Clear 54 can provide role-specific training to empower your employees to look for signs of modern slavery and human trafficking. They can then confidently take the necessary steps to report issues and develop measures to help mitigate risks.

Identifying and supporting champions within your business ensures that knowledge is retained within the business and that you continue to play your part in preventing modern slavery.

Is it time to take the first step?

Get Modern Slavery on the agenda, have Clear 54 speak to your Senior Management Team and outline the benefits of your business making a public commitment to tackling Modern Slavery.

Having seen first-hand the effects on victims of labour exploitation and other types of human trafficking, I founded Clear 54 as a social enterprise with the goal of helping prevent vulnerable people becoming victims of exploitation

This is why Clear 54 have partnered with the award winning NGO Flourish who provide long-term tailored survivor-centred support to overcome trauma and rebuild lives.

How we are viewed

I have known Gavin Miller both personally and professionally for over 25 years. I have always found he is a dedicated, enthusiastic individual who I have always found to display the utmost professionalism in everything he does. He is extremely motivated and positive and always compassionate to both individuals he works with and deals with on a professional basis.

HMRC Colleague

Clear54  facilitated a number of training sessions for our staff team. The training was professionally delivered, interactive, and engaging. The content was very informative and up to date. We would highly recommend the training”

Charity working with victims of trafficking

Through my engagement with Gavin over the past 7 years it has been a pleasure to work with him in so many ways. He is approachable, honest, knowledgeable and extremely dependable when dealing with a sensitive topic close to his heart. I have always found Gavin professional and what I really value about our relationship is he will always take ownership of tasks and communicate at the correct level be it with a victim or a stakeholder of a large organization. He values everyone’s opinions, an asset well worth investing in.

Financial Institution Manager

As someone who had occasion to submit to the PSNI Modern Slavery Unit a number of cases for consideration for admission to the referral mechanism for human trafficking I found Gavin Miller to be an absolute exemplar of responsiveness, professionalism and compassion for the victims. It is heartening to know that Gavin, post his retirement from the PSNI, remains committed to bringing his expertise to bear on continuing to combat the trafficking in human beings.

His work ethic, dedication and innate motivation were always put to use when dealing with victim

Trade Union Official

I have known Gavin Miller both personally and professionally for over 25 years. I have always found he is a dedicated, enthusiastic I have had the pleasure of working with Gavin Miller during my tenure in the UK as law enforcement & police attaché. From our first meeting I was highly impressed with his dedication, professional behaviour and loyalty. Gavin is able to create constructive working relationships equally with partners from the governmental institutions, law enforcement agencies, civil society and academic arena. who I have always found to display the utmost professionalism in everything he does. He is extremely motivated and positive and always compassionate to both individuals he works with and deals with on a professional basis.

Former Romanian Embassy Police Attache to UK

Human trafficking is an illegal business that brings significant profits to criminal enterprises. Victim trauma manifests itself through fear, acceptance of the situation, refusal to communicate or collaborate with the state authorities. There is a need for the victims to be understood and given time or freedom of decision, and the persons who interact with them to show compassion, understanding and patience. I worked together with Gavin Miller and his colleagues in an investigation into human trafficking on the Romania-Northern Ireland route and I had the opportunity to know him, being a very good professional in this field, with great experience in interacting with victims of this crime, showing a very good ability to communicate, understanding and empathy. At the same time, working with Gavin I understood much better the importance of preventing human trafficking not only in the source countries but also in the destination countries, to make people understand what human trafficking means and how it can be identified as quickly as possible potential victim.

Romanian Police Lead

Gavin proved to be a resourceful, creative, and problem-solving person who frequently managed to come up with new and innovative approaches to complex situations. His work ethic, dedication and innate motivation were always put at use when dealing with victims of modern slavery.

Gavin is a strong and multifaceted personality, besides being a real professional, he is an altruistic and empathic person, who always thinks of the well-being of others.

High Ranking European Police Officer

I have worked with Gavin for over 20 years in the investigation of serious and organised crime. Gavin has consistently taken investigative nuance and empathy to a level I have seldom seen. He is informed, inquisitive and interested, not only the pursuit of criminal justice but in resolution and peace for the victims of crime. Most recently he has brought his experience and personality to the field of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. It is without doubt that there are people safer, living better lives with more hope because they met Gavin. I am proud to have worked alongside him.

Retired Senior Officer PSNI

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